How to Order wholefoods


How to order wholefoods online

  • Choose your product. All our whole foods are listed per 100g (If you want 500g of pasta, simply put in a quantity of 5)
  • Select your delivery method – Courier Delivery, Local Pick-up, Local Delivery.


That’s it.

We use brown paper bags as standard to package your foods. Some products are packed in clear compostable bags and cleaning refills are delivered in glass jars (Please note, cleaning refills are for local pick-up/delivery only)

If you want to use your own containers then that’s ok too! Simply send us an email and we can arrange delivery/pick-up of your own containers.

If you’re struggling to picture the quantity amounts:

A supermarket bag of Pasta, Spaghetti or Rice is typically 500g – 1kg

Nuts and seeds typically come in quantities of 100g-200g

Flour- 500g-2kgs

Oats- 500g- 1kg

Beans and Pulses- 500g

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