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Bamboo & Organic Cotton swabs - 200 Pieces

Bamboo & Organic Cotton swabs - 200 Pieces

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Bamboo & Organic Cotton swabs - 200 Pieces.

Made of bamboo to ensure their strength, reduce the risk of splinters, and prevent water absorption. The generous cotton tip offers a comfortable and safe use.


  • Bamboo

    Bamboo is a natural, permanent and renewable resource. The bamboo stick is made of the outer bamboo stem, which is the strongest part of the stem, offering you a flexible but sturdy cotton bud stick.

  • Cotton

    The generous cotton tip is made of organic cotton without any chemicals and provides a soft touch.


The ear buds are intended for cleaning the ear, but not for use in the ear canal. After use do not throw in the toilet, but please in the organic waste or in the compost.

Disposal is environmentally friendly in organic waste or on compost. The cotton swabs are biodegradable. The packaging can be easily recycled.

Composition of cotton bud

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