Cotton buds made of bamboo & organic cotton - 100 pieces

Cotton buds made of bamboo & organic cotton - 100 pieces

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Made of bamboo & fluffy cotton - 100% biodegradable - plastic-free - 100 pieces per package - packed in recycled cardboard - without chlorine


These cotton buds made of bamboo and organic cotton - whether at home or on the go - are your alternative to all plastic variants.
Can be easily disposed of in organic waste or compost, as they are completely biodegradable.

The cotton is certified organic. Cotton buds come in beautiful recycled cardboard.

In each pack you will find 100 pieces.

The cotton buds are intended for cleaning the ear, but not for use in the ear canal. After use do not throw in the toilet, but please in the organic waste or in the compost.

Disposal is environmentally friendly in organic waste or on compost. The cotton swabs are biodegradable. The packaging can be easily recycled.

Like all HYDROPHIL products, these cotton buds are of course water neutral, vegan & fair.


    • Made of bamboo & certified cotton


    • 100% biodegradable


    • Plastic free


    • 100 pieces per package


    • Packed in recycled cardboar