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HYDROPHIL sustainable bamboo toothbrush - Kids

HYDROPHIL sustainable bamboo toothbrush - Kids

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Manufactured from fast-growing, sustainable bamboo with Nylon bristles.
The brush removes plaque efficiently without stressing the gum due to its medium-soft bristles.

When the brush is worn, the head can be cut off and put into your general waste bin.
Use the handle as a label for your flowerbed or throw it in your compost bin.

A simple yet affordable switch to get you started on your zero waste journey.


Adult toothbrushes come with medium-soft bristles.
Kids toothbrush comes with soft bristles.

HYDROPHIL creates newly conceived and sustainable hygiene products.
Products designed to expand the focus on sustainability and resource scarcity.
They strive to achieve beautiful things with the production of a sustainable range for the bathroom - water neutral, vegan & fair.

Whenever possible, they resort to natural raw materials that do not endanger groundwater and drinking water and do without artificial irrigation.
Therefore they can significantly reduce water consumption.
Their products are 100% Vegan.

They're also committed to 'fair work = fair pay' and they personally keep an eye on their value chain down to the smallest detail and ensure that HydroPhil's products are produced fairly

    • BPA Free


    • Vegan
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