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klaeny - Dishwasher Tablets (40x)

klaeny - Dishwasher Tablets (40x)

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For an environmentally friendly cleaning of your dishes, not by hand, but in the dishwasher, we now offer you the klaeny dishwasher tabs. They are strong against food residues and grease, and at the same time gentle to the environment due to a low wastewater load and sustainable packaging.

Our dishwasher tabs are:

  • Packaged without water-soluble plastic film
  • Biodegradable
  • Without animal ingredients
  • Made in Germany

In addition, they are certified with the NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL and packaged in a folding box made of recycled paper. Of course without plastic coating!

  • 1x carton contains 40 tabs

For each order we plant a tree. 🌳

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