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klaeny - Detergent storage box (1kg)

klaeny - Detergent storage box (1kg)

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This inplate detergent storage box with a green top is perfect for storing our klaeny laundry detergent.

It has an ideal capacity of 1 kg and looks great to boot!

  • 1x laundry detergent storage box 
  • Dimensions: 190x80x120
  • Total weight: : 44g

This tin can protects the detergent powder from light, moisture and heat - and all without preservatives. Due to its light weight, CO2 emissions can be saved during transport and energy consumption can be reduced during production. Tinplate is 100% recyclable, conserves natural resources and, compared to conventional packaging materials, can be reused easily, effectively and inexpensively over a long period of time without any loss of quality.

And with every order we plant a tree! 🌳

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