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Memo Organic Cotton Produce Bags - 2 Pack

Memo Organic Cotton Produce Bags - 2 Pack

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 Memo Organic Cotton Produce Bags - 2 Pack

    • Perfect for carrying your groceries from the supermarket to your home
    • Can be put directly in the refrigerator
    • Breathable
    • Organic cotton
    • Made with fair wages

The Memo organic cotton bag is the perfect zero waste alternative to plastic disposable bags and is perfect for buying and storing fruits, vegetables or even bread.

Just pop it in your reusable shopping carrier bag so you never forget it and use it for all your loose food shopping.

One side of the bag has an airy lattice structure and the smooth side ensures high stability. With sturdy cotton cord for closing.

Up to 3 kg of potatoes will fit in the carrying bag. There is also a handy label on the inside of the bag showing how much it weighs. So you can easily get your product weighed, minus the weight of the bag, to be charged the correct amount.

30 x 40 cm

2 pack

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