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Nut milk bag (2 Pack)

Nut milk bag (2 Pack)

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Two high-quality organic cotton nut drink bags

For vegan, homemade and delicious milk alternatives, there is no need for large equipment: This nut milk bag made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Only with the addition of water and with the help of a blender can almond, hazelnut or oat milk be easily produced at home with this practical kitchen helper.

Best of all: Through homemade production, you know exactly what's in it. No undesirable sugar additive, flavor enhancer or preservatives, but natural ingredients according to individual wishes. And unlike conventional nylon products, microplastic particles cannot peel off with this product, because the nut milk bag is 100% plastic-free from top to bottom - even the packaging is made of recycled organic cotton. Thanks to the fine mesh fabric, only a soft and intense drink in milky consistency remains in the end, which is perfect as a milk substitute in coffee, cereals, dough or for pure enjoyment.

Simple, tasty and above all sustainable!

The bag is optimal for the production of 1 l nut milk. It can be washed at 40 °C and can therefore be reused. Incl. Recipe ideas for almond, hazelnut and oat drink in the inner part of the packaging.

1 pack = 2 pieces.

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