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Silicone Straw Multipack - Angled

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Pack of 5 Angled Soft Silicone Straws plus 2 Cleaning Brushes.


Silicone Straw Multipack - Angled


  • ECO FRIENDLY: Made of food grade silicone, Ecostraws are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly drinking straws.

  • FDA INSPECTED: Soft Silicone EcoStraws are 100% BPA free and safe for use. EcoStraws are dishwasher safe (rated – 40 to 500 degrees)

  • MULTI-USE: Perfect with cold summer drinks, fruit smoothies, exotic drinks or dinner party cocktails.
    You can even cut them down to whatever size you need!

  • HEALTHY & SAFE: An effective drinking aid for the elderly or those with drinking difficulties.


EcoStraws are also resistant to heat conduction, thereby not becoming overly hot when drinking hot beverages and not becoming freezing cold when drinking smoothies.