Three Hills Soap - Lavender & Rosemary

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Handmade, natural soap, scented with 100% pure lavender essential oil with a hint of rosemary and peppermint.

  • NO Artificial Colours or Fragrances

  • NO Harsh Chemicals

  • NO Parabens

  • NO Detergents (SLS/SLES)

  • NO Alcohol

  • NO Petrochemicals

  • Palm Oil Free


Three Hills Soap - Lavender & Rosemary - A relaxing face and body soap

Wash all your troubles away with a little helping hand from this relaxing all-natural soap. Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils meld together in this soap bar to create a feeling of well-being and stress relief. It centres body and mind. Relax and breathe…


So, what are the benefits of Lavender Rosemary soap?


  • Is great for all skin types but particularly beneficial for oily skin

  • It rejuvenates the skin

  • Lavender has antiseptic properties and helps revitalise the skin and is effective in treating eczema.

  • It’s soothing and nurturing for easily irritated and acne-prone skin

  • Lavender has calming and relaxing properties

Here are the other uses of Lavender Rosemary soap?


  • Lavender can be beneficial for treating stress, anxiety, mood swings and nervous tension

  • It is ideal for use before bed to help relax.

  • Very effective insect repellent

  • It can be helpful with healing burns, wounds

  • Lavender oil has pain-relieving properties. Great for muscular aches and pains.


Lavender Rosemary soap comes in an eco-friendly, 100% recycled & recyclable brown paper packaging and is fastened with a seal which is made from cellulose and is fully biodegradable and compostable.