Sustainable Festival Packs in association with Plastic Free Waterford


We’re delighted to team up with Plastic Free Waterford to promote sustainable toiletry packs for Waterford’s very own All Together Now Festival.

You can pre-order your pack and pick it up from the Plastic Free Waterford Tent throughout the weekend.
Plastic Free Waterford will be setting up camp in the ‘Road to Nowhere’ (Eco area).

Each pack includes:

– A 30g Warrior Botanical deodorant with or without baking soda
– Pack of 6 Face Rounds from Mily Designs
– A Bamboo Toothbrush
– A 3 day supply of toothy tabs with flouride
– A Plastic Free Waterford reusable water bottle.

There are only 30 packs available and you can find them HERE.

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