Navigating Periods with Confidence Workshop

Change begins with education and empowerment and it's absolutely critical for young women and young people to have the confidence to ask for what they need and to help break the stigma surrounding periods.

Working with an amazing global empowerment initiative like Eco Femme is one of the highlights of what I do. 

Their Pad for Pad programme means that for every pad bought Eco Femme donate 4 pads to a young woman in Rural India through their educational programmes.

Unfortunately Period Poverty is very much a reality for girls, women and people who menstruate in Ireland.

A Plan Ireland Study in 2018 found that 50% of girls and people who menstruate between the ages of 12 & 19 find it difficult to pay for sanitary products and didn't find school a useful source for information or advice. 

61% have missed school as a result of having their period and 55% were embarrassed by their period.

*1100 girls surveyed by Plan Ireland's Youth Advisory Panel

This workshop will focus on opening up the conversations surrounding all aspects of periods. From learning about the different phases of the menstrual cycle, How Periods work, the female reproductive system, Changes in your body, discussions around pre menstrual symptoms to proper hygiene, self care, and helping to build confidence and breaking the stigma for young women, girls and people who menstruate.

Participants will also be provided with a Sustainable Period Kit which includes:

2 Pairs of Bamboo Period Pants from Theya Healthcare, 4 Cloth Pads, A Menstrual Cycle Tracking Chart and tips and instructions on caring for the cloth pads.

Sustainable and comfortable menstrual care kit, designed for an eco-conscious and vibrant period

If you or your company would like to donate to a school please get in touch at INFO@YOUME.IE

If you're a school and are interested in hosting this workshop please fill in this FORM