Zero Waste Shaving Guide

Welcome to Youme’s Zero Waste Shaving Guide!

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in a safety razor.


You’ve no idea what you’re doing? That’s ok! They’re not as intimidating as they look. I promise. Read on to discover how to get started!

This little beauty is a safety razor

Firstly, you’ll want to prep your skin before and after:




The key to preventing ingrown hairs and for getting rid of any dead skin cells.
I use the sisal soap pouch to exfoliate in the shower. You can simply pop any soap bar into it and scrub away as little or as much as you like. They’re great for getting a good lather going too.

Which brings me to our next step.


You need to make sure that you get a good lather to make the shave as smooth as possible.

This Shaving Soap from Not a Trashy Gal is handmade from the most luxurious oils and clays. It can be used by both men and women. It’s rich, creamy lather will give you a seriously close shave while also moisturising the skin.


The Shave:

The angle is the important bit. Once you get that right, you’re away with it. Unlike cartridge razors, heads on safety razors don’t pivot, so you must control the angle yourself. Angle the razor at about 30 degrees to the surface of the skin.
The weight from the head of the blade means that all you have to do is just gently guide the razor.
Short strokes work best and remember that you don’t need to apply any pressure. The weight of the razor will practically do the work for you. So it’s even less of an effort with one of these guys!


Changing the blade:

How long a blade will last really depends on the individual, the type of hair you have and the frequency with which you shave. If you have light hair and only shave once every three or four days, a blade will last you around a month. However, if you shave most days, the blade will last for around two weeks. OR if you’re like me and you have crazy hair growth and really couldn’t be bothered shaving more than once a month, then a blade will last you quite a while!

But, should you need to switch your blade. We’ve got you covered for that too.
You can find replacement blades here

Disposing of used blades:

Your blades can be recycled. But because they’re so small, they can get lost in the process. So don’t go throwing them in your recycling as they are. It’s recommended that you store used blades in a tin can. Once the tin is somewhat full, squish it and tape it closed and label the tin as blades before placing it in your recycling bin. Simples!

So there you have it!

Remember to moisturise after shaving.
We have some great solid lotion bars in store that just melt into your skin, massage and help exfoliate.

We also have a range of Not a Trashy Gal Body Butters


Also remember to give yourself time. I can absolutely guarantee that you will knick yourself more than once, but practice makes perfect. I hope this Zero Waste Shaving Guide helped!

So onward, de-fuzz, should you so desire and get yer pins out!

– Amy