About Us

Frustrated by the lack of minimal waste options in Waterford City, Ross and Amy Orr decided to set up Youme.

After spending the past five years incorporating small changes into our every day life, one area we struggled with was trying to find plastic free alternatives.

Dragging 2 small kids between multiple supermarkets on a Saturday isn’t the easiest or most relaxing thing to do just to find a box of Pasta.

Hence, Youme was born.

Youme is a play on You and Me. Together making a difference little by little, day by day. It’s also a play on ‘Yummy’ whole foods

Our little Shop on 126 Parade quay is a way for people to see the products, talk to us in person, share their zero waste journeys and gain advice and knowledge on how they can start to make little changes to benefit their pocket and their planet.

Our end goal is to supply zero waste whole foods and plastic free alternative products to the people of Waterford City and beyond.