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WUKA Perform Leggings - Medium Flow

WUKA Perform Leggings - Medium Flow

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WUKA Perform™  Leggings, made from recycled polyester with integrated Perform Seamless period pants, with the power to absorb your period flow and help you stay active on your period.
Suitable for a medium period flow.

  • Eco-friendly recycled polyester, lightweight seamless fabric with a super absorbent hi-tech moisture barrier making it period proof and VPL-free.
  • Ensures a leak-proof workout, perfect for those on the go, living an active lifestyle.
  • Medium absorbency, complete tampon and pad replacement. Holds 15ml of period flow or light leaks - around 2-3 tampons’ worth.
WUKA Perform™ Leggings are your complete tampon and pad replacement for your daily activities inside and outside the gym.
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Customer Reviews

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Louise Hynes
WOW!! An amazing discovery a d game changer

WOW!!! sooo my order arrived today with the Wuka leggings, the fab Frida t-shirt and the zipcase for my brushes.... All of which are fabulous but especially the Wuka leggings.....

OMG.... I just tried them on to see and ended up spending the whole day in them!

How are these not just the norm for all gym wear... They are sooo soft and comfy, went for a walk this eve and they were warm from the wind... I'm obsessed 🥰

I tried the underwear for the first time too this cycle and I'm just in awe of how easy and mostly comfortable it was, these products are a total game changer and so delighted I've discovered them.

I hope they plan for some other colours too in the future. Huge Fan!
Thanks so much for an amazing delivery!